The truth is, you see me how you want to see me.

Mother. Daughter. Girlfriend. Sister. Granddaughter. Friend.

Lover of coffee. Taco addict. Fitbit devotee.

Photographer. Writer. Blogger.


Queen of Hangry.

Princess of Almost Everything.

It's hard to know where to start when writing a biography because like you, I'm made up of all of these little pieces, pixels - and somehow when you smash them all together, you get me.

I'm Sarah. I'm 38. I was recently diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. My likely diagnosis is actually Usher Syndrome Type 2 - but genetic testing is pending and so for now no one knows just yet what/which gene(s) are affected that have caused this. 

This is new to me - within the past few months - so I'm still in shock, but I know that as with everything else I've encountered in my life, I'll write my way through it. 

This will be my light in the dark.

My nightlight.