spring forward

Lose an hour, gain an hour - I've always thought the act of sending the clock forward and then back during the year was a tedious one. While I'm sure there's a reason, my argumentative (and inconvenienced) side would say that the reason isn't a good one, and we're not farmers, so is there any REAL need or me to lose an hour of sleep?

And yet I am so excited that next Sunday I will lose an hour and we will "spring forward" and I'm so tired of darkness that to have more daylight will be good for my mood and good for my soul.

Winter is freaking hard.

It's been a mild winter, at that. As far as Michigan winters go, it could have been worse - and I'm fully aware that we've had winters that have damn near brought me to my knees with the constant snow fall and subzero temperatures. This winter, I praise El Nino and acknowledge climate change, and still send my internal gratitude for a winter that didn't have me on Travelocity seeking plane tickets anywhere and everywhere warmer.

It hasn't been brutally snowy or painfully cold - but it's been dark.

When your sense of night vision is diminishing, it becomes painfully apparent how dark winter is.

These days, it's light before I leave my house and daylight lingers after I get home. I am looking forward to days that stretch into night.


"Who are you going to see?" my primary doctor asked. I was telling her about my upcoming trip to the University of Iowa to see a doctor for my yearly appointment - really, it's only my second.

When I told her the doctor's name, she said, "Ohhhh, you're going to see THE guy."


Usher Syndrome is rare, and so yes, I want to see the doctor who knows his stuff more than anyone. Also? I want to see the doctor who will treat me with kindness. My appointment last April is still etched in my head - a doctor who spoke to his medical students instead of to me, seemingly oblivious to the tears running down my face. Who is the one with vision problems here?

It left such a bad taste in my mouth, the way I felt when I left that day. I know, you can't really put a nice spin on a rotten diagnosis - but you can treat me like I'm human.

I'm both dreading and looking forward to Iowa. I don't anticipate good news - and since I'm not, I hope the bad is draped with kindness.


"If you're going through hell, keep going."
- Winston Churchill


The forecast for the week includes temperatures near 60 degrees, a remarkable March thaw. Muddy dog paws will mar the carpet, but the snow will be gone. Oh, how I can't wait for spring.